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Shorei Ru Karate Studios now has 2 Locations!!

Shorei Ryu Karate Studios                                                         
103 Rio Rancho Dr NE                                                                 
Rio Rancho NM 87124                                                                 
Chief Instructor                                                                               
Shihan Kim Jin, 6th Degree Blackbelt 

Shorei Ryu Karate Studios
665 W. Broadway St
Bradley, IL 60915
Sensei Dwight Bossong,  5th Degree Blackbelt                                 

We have been open since September of 2018.

Here students from the age of 6 to 103 can learn the Traditional Okinawan art of Shuri Ryu, Shorei Ryu, Shorei Goju, in which all follow the linesge of the late Grand Master Robert A. Trias, Father of Karate in America. Below is His Creedo, in which we as students strive to live by and honor.

The Shorei Ryu Karate Studios LLC organization is owned by  5th Degree Blackbelt, Sensei Dwight Bossong. Sensei Dwight has been studying karate since he was 8 yrs old beginning in 1989 in his home town of Bradley Illinois.

Sensei D began his training under his training under Master Burley Wagner at the “Old Dojo”, or the original Shorei Ryu Karate Studios. At that time the dojo was in Master Wagners home Garage, where an estimated over 3700 students trained in the tiny garage over 40 years it was open. At one time Master Wagners dojo was the only dojo in all of Kankakee County. During the era of the “Old Dojo” training was hard and fierce, its been told that only approximately 20 students ever stuck around to earn the rank of Blackbelt. Sensei Dwight and his father Carroll “Fuzz” Bossong we one of those few to achieve the coveted Shodan “First degree Blackbelt”.

Sensei Dwights father was actually his first teacher, learning the basics (kihon wazas) in the basement of their home due to being too young to be allowed to train in the dojo.

In 1989, he started training under Master Wagner in his dojo, and after Master Burley Wagners death in1992, Training continued under Sonny Snejberg and Carl Southard, co-founders of the “Old Dojo”, earning his Blackbelt in October 1997.

Other instructors and mentors of Sensei Dwights during that time were:

Paul Bradley, Val Saltsgiver, Alan Swinford, Dave Stukenburg, Dan Carpenter, Randy O’Connor, Jennifer Norton,Jeff Ott, John “Sugar Bear ” Parrish, Harry “Wolf Man” Reid, Pete Sevins,and son of Sensei Wagner, Scott Wagner who kept the dojo open many years after his fathers passing.

In 2017 Sensei Dwight met Sue Hawkes Kyoshi, President and Founder of USAMA ( U.S. Association of Martial Artists) and Dr Richard Fields Hanshi. Dr Fields is 9th Dan in Shorei Goju, and is currently Sensei Dwights Instructor, and personal Mentor. Under the guidance and approval from Sensei Hawkes and Dr Fields, Sensei Dwight began plans to preserve the Trias lineage of Shuri/Shorei Ryu Karate by opening his own school.

In 2018, Sensei Dwight opened Shorei Ryu Karate Studios and Kickboxing with his wife Sunaina and son CJ.

In 2021, Sensei Dwight was inducted into the United States Association of Martial Artists,
Hawkes International Society.

In 2022, Sensei Dwight will be opening a second location back in his home town Bradley, Illinois where the original dojo was founded by Sensei Burley Wagner.

Since the schools opening, the dojo has grown to have currently approximately 80 students, in which many have made incredible accomplishments since. Some of those accomplishments are as follows:

27 USAMA National Champions,

23 USAMA World Champions

4 USAMA World Grand Champions

Over 25 USAMA tournament Grand Champions

4 USKA World Champions

2 PKC “Big Dog” Grand Champion (Steven “Chubber” Gutierrez) 

2 USKA National Point Champions

60 USAMA National Point Champions in total

80 USAMA National Top 10 Division Point Leaders

Ranked No. 2 in the Nation as a competitive Dojo with USAMA 2019-2021

Ranked No. 2 in the Nation for Top Instructor of the Year USAMA 2019-2021

#2 Martial Arts School, Rio Rancho Observers Top Pick Voters Choice Award

Top Regional School ASKA (Founder Peter Rabino 10th Dan)

Top Regional School PKA (Professional Karate Association)

and more……. all in the short less than two years since opening.

Sensei Dwight, along with Chief Instructor Shihan Kim Jin, and Blackbelt Staff, are committed to train and expect nothing but the very best from every single student within Shorei Ryu Karate Studios, youth and Adult.

We frequently use a saying known to come from the late Master James Hawkes;

“Do your very Best

Learn something new everyday

Have Fun!”

Inquire today, join Tommorrow

Our Rio Rancho location is managed and operated by Kim and Kai Jin.
Shihan Kim Jin is a 6th degree black belt and is the New Mexico Chief Instructor for Shorei Ryu Karate Studios.  Mr Jin has over 40 years experience in the Martial Arts, and is a former U.S. Marine and former police officer. Along with teaching karate, Shihan Jin is also busy full time molding young minds as an educator for Albuquerque public schools.

Our Bradley Illinois location is ran by Dwight and Sunaina Bossong.
Open Now!

At Shorei Ryu Karate Studios, our staff is highly trained, and constantly continuing their education to better understand todays ever changing social environment, to ensure the best training there is to offer in the Martial Arts world. 
Call us or stop in today to join our Shorei Ryu Family and Team!


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